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What inspired you to write a book?

After becoming a dad and reading more children's books, I wanted to try and bring out my own! There didn't seem to be a lot of books that were truly educational and focused on unusual animals.

Why such unusual animals?

There's over 8 million species on Earth! But most books focus on the same few, which are still amazing animals but as a lover of reptiles especially I've always been interested in the more unusual animals that we share the world with.

When did you become interested in animals?

I've always loved animals but my real interest began as a teenager; at 16 I travelled to India to learn more about the endemic species of the Western Ghats, I encountered King cobras and many other reptiles, I've since worked with many venomous species both in the field and as a reptile keeper in zoos.

What's next??

I hope that the amazing A - Z reaches many families so they can learn more about the world around us, I'd love to carry on writing and making more books to continue the A-Z ! 

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