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As part of our partnership with ABConservation, we have created a French translation of The Astonishing Agouti/ The Brave Binturong!

The first book in the A to Z series! Meet The Astonishing Agouti and Brave Binturong in our A & B flip book.

Full of amazing illustrations and facts on every page, let your child learn more about agoutis and binturong, as they read each story. Learn about carnivores and omnivores, seed dispersal and each animal's key features. Read to find out just why the agouti is astonishing and why the binturong is so brave. 


Perfect for children who already love these unusual animals but can't find books about them but even better for those who haven't heard about them and want to learn more about the incredible creatures that live in the world around them. Ignite their curiosity about the natural world - who knows, we may have a future David Attenborough or Jane Goodall in our midst, just waiting to be inspired.


We've partnered with the binturong charity, AB Conservation, to donate 50p from every sale of this book to them, helping fund their continued work with binturong research and conservation!

  • Tech Specs

    Size - 210mm x 210mm 

    Wire stitched binding

    Gloss outer printed on 350gsm paper

    Silk inner pages printed on 170gsm paper

    Printed on sustainable FSC Paper in the UK

  • ISBN


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